Breweries "Toast" Trump With Very Stable Genius Beers

Craft breweries weren't the force they are now during the Nixon years, but I'd like to think that if they had been, they'd have brewed up a few batches of I Am Not A Crook IPA. In Trumpian times though, we've instead been blessed with a trio of new Very Stable Genius beers, courtesy of breweries from Kentucky to Washington to Michigan. Having not yet sampled these beers, I assume they're bitter, orange, and pair well with bunless fast-food burgers.

The offerings include a cream ale from Lexington, Kentucky's Blue Stallion Brewing; an IPA from Seattle's Cloudburst Brewing; and a saison from Ferndale, Michigan's Axle Brewing. Mirroring Trumps's attention span, all are limited beers that aren't expected to last long.

Of course, the marketing around these beers writes itself, with Cloudburst boasting its IPA has an "enormously consensual amount" of hops, and Blue Stallion describes its cream ale as "such a beautiful beer, the most beautiful beer."

"Sometimes we have a name for the beer before we make it but more likely we're figuring out names while we're fermenting. This one actually already had a name but when that Tweet went out, we were just like, wow that's too obvious," Cloudbursts's Steve Luke tells The Takeout. (The brewery previously released an Alternative Facts beer.) "We just hope that people like the beer a lot more than they like Trump."