Breckenridge Brewery To Deliver Free Christmas Trees As Part Of Holiday Promo-Ho-Hotion

Behold, that rarest of beasts: the actually useful brand promotion! No novelty throw pillows or inflatable coolers here. Colorado-based, Anheuser-Busch InBev-owned beer purveyor Breckenridge Brewery, recognizing what a total pain in the ass it can be to get a live Christmas tree and shuttle it back to your place (especially if you rely on public transit), is just straight-up giving away Christmas trees and bringing them to your home.

In the spirit of all such brand promotions, there's a really important piece of fine print: This is only good for residents of Manhattan, and everyone else can just go sit in a corner and sulk about it. But if you live in Manhattan, go ahead and try to win that Christmas tree, and if you succeed, they will—I cannot stress this enough—bring it right to your door, with a stand and everything.

The reason behind the promo is pretty simple: Breckenridge makes a very well-known Christmas Ale, they'd like you to drink it, Christmas trees are Christmas-y, the end. The way to potentially win one such tree is also simple. You follow the brewery on Instagram, take some kind of holiday celebratory photo, use the hashtags #BreckSharestheSeason and #sweepstakes, and cross your fingers.

The contest is open through the end of November, and trees will be delivered in the first two weeks of December. And if you don't win one, hapless New Yorkers, you can just go to Target and get a fake tree that comes in 96 individual pieces, like the rest of us.