Adrenaline-Crazed Bread Truck Driver Leads Cops On Chase Of A Lifetime

A woman driving a bread truck blazed through the streets of Compton on Thanksgiving. Why? We don't know.

We love a high-octane car chase here at The Takeout. Take, for example, the gentleman thief who made off with a Doritos truck earlier this year. Or the international chocolate thief who nabbed a truck packed with 20 tons of Milka. Or the idiot teens who crashed their van into a pot store, only to steal a jar full of oregano. Now, I've just read about a bread truck driver who led Los Angeles County deputies on what may be the wildest car chase in California history.


CBS Los Angeles reports that the chase began at 9:10 p.m. on Thanksgiving night. The deputies reportedly spotted a woman driving a bread truck erratically and attempted to pull her over for reckless driving. At that point, the driver refused to stop and the chase was on.

There's no word on why the driver refused to stop; we don't even know if the truck was stolen. This could very well have been a woman taking her own bread truck on a wild Turkey Day joyride. Regardless, she drove like hell.

CBS reports that the truck "lumbered its way through the city of Compton, with the female driver going onto sidewalks and smashing into trees." Going into sidewalks! Smashing into trees! What was this woman running away from? Or was she running toward something? Maybe she was late for a hot date, or really had to go to the bathroom. Again, we don't know, which is what makes this chase so titillating.


Eventually, deputies laid down spike strips in an attempt to slow the truck down. CBS reports: "Although the tires started smoking, and she momentarily stopped in a parking lot, she took off again." Tires smoking! A momentary stop in a parking lot! God, what a chase.

When the truck eventually came to a stop, the woman jumped out of the truck and tried to run. At that point, about a half-dozen deputies caught up with her and took her into custody. Boo! Boo, cops! This woman can't be tamed!

There's no word yet on whether any bread was harmed during the chase.