Finally, News That Doesn't Stink: Woman Frees Skunk Stuck In Burger King Cup

Here's a feel-good start to your day: When Mission, British Columbia resident Tanya Krasuin saw a skunk with its head stuck in a Burger King cup near her home, she grabbed a plastic bag to try to free it. Fortunately for us all, she also recorded her efforts, notes WLWT News.

The video is amazing: Krasuin keeps telling the skunk, "It's okay, it's okay" as she tries a few times to grab the cup. As she described it on YouTube: "My fear of getting sprayed was outweighed when I realized this skunk was going to die of either starvation or suffocation." Honestly, lesser humans (guilty) might have given up after the first couple of failed tries, by Krasuin was persistent. She finally grabs the cup after a bit of a struggle—it must have been stuck on there pretty tightly. She describes lifting the skunk completely off the ground, and still being unable to free its head from the cup. But "Finally I managed to wiggle his head out" and the skunk quickly scampers off. Without, it must be noted, spraying her. She says, "I walked away unsprayed with a new skunk friend."

Besides offering a feel-good, this video also offers a helpful reminder. As Krasuin puts it, the skunk "wouldn't have been able to remove that cup in his own and that would have been a terrible death for any living being. No animal should have to suffer because of humanities ignorance to the dangers of not taken extra steps to protect what is so dear to our planet." So pick that shit up, y'all, and don't forget to recycle.