Overturned Truck Rains Bell Peppers Upon Brooklyn

The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway was covered in bell peppers for hours after a truck overturned.

At last count, The Takeout had a grand total of 26 articles covering the most spectacular food-related semi-truck highway spills. For a while, we even ran a column entitled This Month In Overturned Trucks, a monthly roundup of overturned trucks spilling shit over public roadways. We just can't get enough of doomed trucks flopping their wares all over the place.

In our years of overturned-truck research, we've uncovered many vegetal trucking mishaps, including a 2019 incident during which crates of bell peppers littered the Interstate 10 median near Milton, Florida, after a truck driver lost control of his vehicle. And now we've got another one for the books: per New York news station Pix 11, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) was covered in bell peppers for hours on Monday morning after a similar accident.

Pix 11 reports that the BQE was down to just one lane of traffic Monday morning after a delivery truck overturned. There's no word on exactly how or why this happened, but Pix 11 photos show it taking up the entire eastbound highway lane. Upon overturning, the truck spilled vegetables, including what appears to be a large quantity of bell peppers, all over the highway. The spill occurred in Brooklyn at Exit 30 for Flushing Avenue, shutting down both the right and center lanes, as well as the exit ramp.

The incident resulted in "extensive traffic delays" until the roadway was cleared around 10:30 a.m., as reported by the New York Daily News. It appears that no drivers were injured in the incident, although the peppers certainly got a hearty bruisin'. While the spill likely ruined the truck driver's day, I like to think that a hungry little bridge troll was hanging out near the highway crossing his fingers in hopes of stumbling upon a bunch of free produce. Silver linings and all that.