Mazel Tov! Box Wine Boyfriend Becomes Box Wine Fiancé

In February, Kate Bernot brought Takeout readers the story of Michael James Schneider, a Portland, Oregon-based artist who found an unusual coping mechanism after a bad breakup: He made himself a new boyfriend out of everyone's secret boyfriend, boxed wine.

And so #boxwineboyfriend became yet another internet-boyfriend, up there with the Hollywood Chrises and Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeff Goldblum and Andy Samberg. A lovely, dumb, silly story.

Well that lovely, dumb, silly story just got a new chapter, because box wine boyfriend popped the question!!!!

Those photos (credited to Cole Keister) really are worth the click to see in their full glory. And here's the obligatory ring shot:

The Takeout's most sincere felicitations to the happy couple. May this be only the latest series of novelty photographs in a long and happy life together. Don't let him get too damp, he'll start to smell. And thanks to VinePair for alerting us to this most important development.