You Can't Order At This Dunkin' Without An ID

Encore Boston Harbor casino has one of the world's only 21+ Dunkin' locations.

In Boston, all roads lead to Dunkin'. So it should come as no surprise—even to Beantown's own Ben Affleck, whose fumbling of multiple iced coffees is a viral meme—that one of the only 21+ Dunkin' locations in the world is behind the red velvet rope at a swanky casino on the banks of the Mystic River.


Encore Boston Harbor is a towering 27-story resort-casino that opened in early summer 2019 to much fanfare in a city well accustomed to showstoppers. The $2.6 billion, three-million-square-foot gaming resort constructed by ritzy Wynn Resorts ranks among the 30 most expensive buildings in the world. There are 671 lavish guest rooms (567 standard, 104 suites), all with 507-thread-count linens and views of the Boston skyline and busy harbor from floor-to-ceiling windows.

Boston’s Encore casino, explained

Celebrities and sports legends are often found here, like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (how do you like them apples?), as well as former NBA star and food entrepreneur Shaquille O'Neal, who has put his DJ skills to use at Encore late into the night. There are more than a dozen bars and restaurants, including a 8,000-square-foot nightclub drenched in gold with 20 VIP tables and Forbes' highest-rated steakhouse in New England, Rare, known exclusive Japanese cuts from Kobe and the Kagoshima Prefecture that start at $325 a serving. (The restaurant is the sole registered Kobe Beef Federation user in Massachusetts, and steaks are aged in a custom-built dry aging cabinet. Because of course they are.)


But amid the carefully curated wine lists and exclusive bourbons, there's one beverage hotspot visitors can't get enough of: Dunkin'.

Boston’s only 21+ Dunkin’ location

Perched on the casino floor, where guests are required to be 21 or older to gain access, this isn't your average "Dunks," or "Dunkies," as some New Englandahs refer to the coffee chain.

The 1,500-square-foot store at the Encore is a "Next Generation" location, Dunkin's new "high-concept" design approach marked by a more modern interior and efficient infrastructure. Specifics include high-quality espresso machines and premium pour stations, which mimic draft beer taps at a bar, plus mobile pre-paid ordering so customers grab and go. According to Dunkin', there are over 14,000 ways to customize your order when you order ahead on the app.


Just steps from the thrilling ding-ding-ding of gaming machines, the live dealers barking for gamblers to "place your bets!" and the craps tables surrounded by boisterous crowds 24/7, java junkies can get their fix of coffees, cold brews, espresso drinks, and bakery treats at all hours of the day and night. The Encore location is one of just 762 Dunkin' locations nationwide that stays open 24 hours, out of 9,571 total U.S. stores.

Unique to this 21+ location is a black-and-white checkered marble floor offering a retro vibe juxtaposed by the otherwise modern aesthetic. The white marble counter where guests place their order aligns with Encore's signature marble found throughout the property. Peeking above the counter is the innovative tap system serving eight beverages, including coffees, iced teas, cold brew coffee and nitro infused cold brew coffee, like an "iced regulah," but you can also order a hot "extrah, extrah," slang for a Dunkin' coffee with extra cream and extra sugar. Amid trendy black-and-white bistro seating, fresh flowers adorn tables in Dunkin's signature pink and orange hues, and on the walls hang custom Dunkin' art pieces with a Warhol-esque pop art vibe.


The Encore Boston Harbor Dunkin' is one of 1,070 locations in Massachusetts, aka the Holy Land for Dunkin' devotees. The state is second only to New York, which has the most Dunkin' locations of any state (1,447). It's a hard pill to swallow for Bay Staters, given their longstanding rivalry with New Yorkers. Massachusetts doesn't even have the most Dunkin' locations per capita—that honor goes to its northerly neighbor, New Hampshire.

But the Bay State still has the most legacy bragging rights. The first Dunkin' was founded in 1948 in the city of Quincy, just about 15 miles south of the Encore casino. Though Quincy is the birthplace of U.S. presidents John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams, the city might best be known these days as the birthplace of Dunkin', where the original location still operates. And you don't even need to present an ID to get into that one.