Boston Cops Team Up With Bars To Help Prevent Assaults Against Women

Recently, two women have been abducted outside of Boston bars. In response, Boston police held a private meeting Tuesday with bar owners to discuss "best practices and protocols" related to patron safety, according to The Boston Herald.

The main issue appears to be how to deal with extremely intoxicated patrons. In the past, bars have been hesitant to call police, for fear of receiving a citation themselves. But in light of these recent abductions, the police are now encouraging bars to call them first, without fear of repercussion. Boston police Commissioner William G. Gross pledged that "his force wouldn't automatically cite establishments whose unruly intoxicated patrons get out of hand." He stated, "If someone is so inebriated that they can't stand, instead of just ejecting them out, call the police. We'll help handle that." Calling the police appears to be a safer option than just letting an extremely inebriated person (especially a woman) out on the street or even into an unknown cab or Uber. Gross also suggested incorporating surveillance systems and card readers. Other methods used by other bars include adding lids to drinks so that women can't be easily drugged, and letting women know to ask for an "angel shot" from the bartender or server if they feel like they're in any sort of danger.

Chuck Delpidio, general manager of downtown nightclub Candibar, appeared encouraged by the meeting, telling the Herald, "A long time ago, you couldn't call 911... Now you can, so I'm glad it has gotten better. The meeting was great, the commissioner just let us know that BPD is here to work with us." Other cities may want to take note.