Born On Leap Day? You Deserve Some Free Chips

Leap years only come around as often as the Olympics or the presidential election, making them prime marketing opportunities. And who better to cater to than Leaplings, those forgotten children born February 29 who must forego all opportunity to celebrate every 365 days like the rest of us, stuck with nothing more than quadrennial merriment? That's not actually true, but I do wonder whether it's more standard to give them gifts on February 28 or March 1. Does anyone know?

Lay's is "chipping in" (its pun, not mine, no, certainly not, and not ever) to make Leaplings feel less neglected this year by hosting a promotion on its Facebook page. According to a press release, on February 28, anyone can post to the Lay's page announcing that it's their birthday on February 29, and that person will be entered to win a free bag of Lay's potato chips. Birthday post, free food. Simple enough. We couldn't let a chance for free food pass you by.

I questioned a representative for Lay's about the verification process. Did the Facebook posters need to provide some sort of proof that 2/29 is, in fact, their birthday? A detailed birth certificate, perhaps, or a picture of their social security card with a notary giving the thumbs up beside it? But Lay's is not so stringent. "We're keeping it simple," I was told. "All people have to do is comment on our leap day post telling us it's their birthday."

Now, far be it from me to suggest that each and every one of you could, and should, attempt to win some free chips. Free chips that don't sound as though they have any hashtag-related promotional strings attached. No, that would make the Leaplings' special day less special, and they've already drawn the short straw in that department.