Booze Up For Breakfast With A Bacon-And-Pancake Old Fashioned Cocktail

We challenged bartender Laura Kelton of Sportsman's Club in Chicago to conjure a method to drink bacon—preferably with the benefits of alcohol. Kelton came up with a way to take the flavors of bacon and pancakes and infuse it in an Old Fashioned. First, you'll need to learn to make bacon syrup. Behold: the most dangerous breakfast.

Bacon Syrup

½ cup light brown sugar⅓ cup waterPinch of salt5 strips of cooked (but not crispy) bacon

Combine brown sugar, water and salt in a sauce boil and bring to boil. Reduce heat and add bacon to pan, and let steep for at a simmer for five minutes. Remove liquid and let cool completely. Place bacon in oven and cook at 400 degrees until crunchy, about five minutes. Let this candied bacon cool and reserve for garnish.


Short Stack Old Fashioned

Angostura bitters0.5 oz. bacon syrup0.5 oz. Black Strap rum2 oz. rye whiskeycandied baconorange peel

Combine ingredients in mixing glass with ice. Stir. Add mixture to glass with ice. Garnish with long strip of orange peel and a piece of candied bacon.


"Kevin's Bacon" is brought to you by Hormel Black Label Bacon.