These 8- And 9-Year-Old Brothers Sell 200 Burgers A Week

Boone’s Burger Stand is owned by two enterprising Wisconsin boys.

Move over, lemonade stand, the neighborhood kids are shilling beef now. At least, that's the case in Crandon, Wisconsin, where a nine-year-old chef runs a burger stand alongside his eight-year-old entrepreneur brother.


Wisconsin news station WJFW reports on Boone's Burger Stand, operated by Boone Evans and his brother Gatlin. The pair opened Boone's Burger Stand last year; since then, they've spent most Saturdays behind the grill. Per WJFW, the little burger kings serve as many as 200 customers a week, with some coming by just to taste their famous "popsicle tea," which is a specialty of Boone's.

Of course, like any budding business, Boone's Burger Stand has seen its share of troubles. The boys' grill was stolen earlier this month; fortunately, a local businessman replaced it shortly after, WJFW reports. Now, the boys can get back to doing what they love, which is selling meat by the side of the road.

"My favorite part is when people leave with a smile," little Boone told WJFW. Gatlin agreed, saying: "Just making food. It makes me happy, so we want to continue on doing this." And continue they will; the local news source reports that Boone's Burger Stand will be open Saturdays "until it gets cold." (Once again, the burger stand is located in Wisconsin, so that seasonal break may occur sooner rather than later.)


I do have a few questions. First, where are these boys' guardians? They don't appear in the WJFW clip, and it looks like the Evans brothers do most of the burger-flipping themselves, though they probably are seasoned pros, at this point. Second, what do an eight- and nine-year-old do with all that burger money? "I'm saving up for a snowmobile and then after that a Jeep," Gatlin told WJFW. Well, can't argue with that. Kids these days really do grow up fast.