Order From Boober, Get Food And A Stripper

If Boober Eats sounds like the sort of thing you'd come up with while free-associating with your buddies late at night after work... well, yeah, you're right.

But when Oregon governor Kate Brown ordered the closure of all bars and restaurants in the state, Shon Boulden, owner of the Lucky Devil Lounge strip club in Portland, realized that he was not only responsible for unemployed servers and bartenders but also security staff and dancers. So he decided Boober Eats might not be such a dumb idea after all. First, he consulted Twitter for confirmation:

The post generated so much enthusiasm ("This is the Portland I know and love!") that Boulden decided to work on making it a reality.

"Everyone's rushing to Costco to get toilet paper and I'm at the porn store buying out their pasties stock," he told Huffington Post.

In addition to pasties, the Boober drivers—who always travel accompanied by security guards—also wear masks and latex gloves, which they change after every delivery, and wash their hands constantly. They always remain a respectful six-foot social distance from customers, but they're always willing to pose for pictures. At the moment, 30 dancers and eight security guards are participating in the service now known as Boober PDX and earning a little extra cash. It's not quite "stripper money," one of the dancers told HuffPost, but Boulden has high hopes.

"I'm just putting more and more of my employees to work," he said. "The more it grows, the more I need people helping me return emails, doing social media. You can do the social media from home, so now I can also create jobs for people at home."

HuffPost didn't report on what Boulden planned to do about his other ideas from that night: Doober Eats (weed) and Luber Eats (lube).