Hey, Ladiiiiiiies, Are You Ready For Blue Rosé?

Two days ago, we sent out a message to the universe that there should be more blue food. And lo, the universe responded! There is now blue rosé!

Since there's a catch to everything, I have to report that this blue rosé is actually a stunt by the razor company Billie to protest the "pink tax," the charming practice of charging extra (an average of 13% more, to be precise) for unisex products, like razors, when they're marketed specifically to women. Château de Blué says it sells for $14.87, 13% less than the average bottle of rosé.

Although it looks like mouthwash, Château de Blué was made by a legitimate wine-maker, KDM Global Partners of Lodi, California, Ad Age reports. It contains notes of "rich blueberries, walnut shavings, grapefruit peel, and a hint of gender bias." [Sidenote: Wouldn't they want it to taste like gender parity instead?] Unfortunately, we won't be able to pop open a bottle over here at Takeout world HQ as we dance around our bonfire of burned bras because Billie's supply of Château de Blué sold out in a mere eight hours.

I guess this is good for feminism and everything, but wouldn't it be better to fight our oppression by conventional beauty standards by not shaving? Ah, silly me, if we did that Billie would be out of business.