Blue Apron Is Releasing A Smart, Strong, Sensual Bob's Burgers Meal Kit

Ad Age beat us to the punch here, but a chance for a pun like this should never be left by the wayside: This Blue Apron and Bob's Burgers partnership sounds "too gouda to be true." (Cue Tina Belcher: Uhhhhhhh.)

Following that excellent use of cheese-centric wordplay, Ad Age reports that the meal kit company is partnering with the animated FOX series for a series of kits inspired by burgers featured in the Belcher family restaurant, to be sent out in July, August, and September. The first two, the Quantum of Salsa Burger and the Gouda Wife Burger, were featured in the previous season, while the third—yet to be revealed on Blue Apron's website, but named in the Ad Age piece—will make its debut in the season nine premiere, airing September 30. (We'll let the name slip at the bottom of the page, if you want a nice, juicy, medium-rare spoiler.)

The recipes were developed by Alvin Cailan of Eggslut, who was also the mind behind Bob's Burgers pop-ups in New York and Los Angeles.

In addition, Blue Apron will offer a Bob's Burgers apron, created with kitchenwear brand Hedley & Bennett, through their online market in August. A portion of the proceeds from the apron will go to Bob's Burgers National Cheeseburger Day fundraiser, which benefits Feeding America.

This collaboration is the latest push from Blue Apron to reassert itself in the meal kit space, amidst news of declining revenues and increased competition. As Gwen Inhat wrote last month in a piece about the company's Chrissy Teigen collaboration, Blue Apron is "facing competition from the Amazon-Whole Foods merger in the realm of food delivery, so much so that it even started selling its kits in stores, a.k.a. grocery shopping."

If you're itching to try the Belcher burgers—perhaps after trying one those Chrissy Teigen recipes—the order for the first kit must be placed by July 17, to ship the week of July 23.

And here's your burger spoiler:

The third recipe will be for "The Absentee Shallot Burger."