Last Call: Which Food Should We Use Our Power And Influence To Bring Back?

Last week United Airlines announced that it was getting rid of Biscoff cookies as its in-flight snack and replacing them with Oreo Thins. As The Takeout's Allison Robicelli wrote at the time, "While we have nothing against Oreo Thins (they are a particularly excellent cookie), they are a cookie meant for eating on land. Biscoff is the official cookie of the sky, just like peanuts were the official legume of the sky before everyone suddenly started developing life-threatening allergies."

Yesterday United announced that ha, ha, it was just kidding, Biscoffs are coming back in May. The official reason given was that this was "a periodic snack rotation throughout the year," but that's clearly just a front. We know it happened because United fears the power and influence of The Takeout and our powerful army of commenters.

This morning, in response to the news that United had backtracked, commenter bigjojobongo asked, "Using their incredible power, what food item should The Takeout demand be brought back?"

What say you all?