Birth Announcement: Welcome To The World The Takeout

After a long gestation, a few hours this morning of labor pains, deep breathing, and a final push-push-push!, we welcome to the world The Takeout—born Nov. 15, 2017 at 12:05 p.m. central time.

Baby site is doing well, as are the proud parents: The Onion, a satirical newspaper born 1988 in Madison, Wisc., and The A.V. Club, an entertainment publication featuring interviews, features, and reviews born in 1995.


The Takeout will take on the non-satirical side of the Onion Inc. family, following in the footsteps of its older A.V. Club sibling, Supper Club. The Takeout will continue exploring stories about food and drinks, viewed through the lens of pop culture and Americana. It will celebrate high and low foods with equal reverence, be it turkey stuffing-flavored potato chips or making salmon gravlax at home.

The site will proudly call Chicago home, and believes its Midwest upbringing can offer a unique perspective on food coverage. The big difference with The Takeout: It will have many more people tending to it, catering to its whims—editor-in-chief Kevin Pang, managing editor Jen Sabella, and staff writer Kate Bernot.


May it live a long, happy, prosperous life. May it be kind, non-judgmental and a pleasure to be in its company.