World's Second- And Third-Richest Men Work Shift At Dairy Queen

Billionaires: They're just like us! ... Aside from the nonexistence of fiscal anxiety in their lives, the lack of tedious everyday tasks that slowly but surely erode the average person's spirit, and give or take a dozen boats.

Popular TV series like Undercover Boss now means that every so often, the exorbitantly well-off will do an on-the-street video of some sort, keeping them accessible even as they live in an almost completely different reality from the vast majority of the population. The latest comes from Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, the current second and third richest people in the world, who went to a Dairy Queen in Omaha, Nebraska to work behind the counters:

Buffett, who owns the franchise through Berkshire Hathaway, has the much rougher time of the duo, at one point watching as the customary Blizzard-flip lands with a plop on the counter. Gates fares better, deftly able to handle a cone. In general, as the shop's manager observes, "Could've done better. Bill was good on the menu board, Warren was good at taking credit. So. But all around, they did alright. I'd hire them." We are sure they are glad for that.

It's a charming video, but honestly, just imagine being either of them for a second. Gates' net worth surpassed $100 billion in April. What can you even do with that beyond a point? The Scrooge McDuck money-bathing must take an unbelievable toll on the human body.