Biëryoncé Pilsner Came To Slay, Bitch

Brooklyn-based Lineup Brewing has already earned major props in the beer name department, previously creating a line named for owner and head brewer Kat Martinez's bad dates. Anyone for a pint of Washed Up Rockstar?

But we are especially here for Biëryoncé, a new German pilsner that is such a perfect portmanteau I'm angry I didn't think of it. The can art slays, too, mimicking the cover of Bey's 2013 self-titled album. Biëryoncé is the first can release from Lineup, which previously offered its creations on draft only.

I'm averse to characterizing beer as a dude's world when in 2017 there are plenty of women brewers, beer fans, beer reps, homebrewers, beer writers, etc. out there doing their job despite the fact that they are ladiez. But Biëryoncé does feel notable in that it represents a non-pandering way to engage women who might not already be interested in beer. When mixed with "Lemonade," it's also one hell of a shandy.