"Betty White Day" Honors Actress With Her Favorite Foods

In White’s home town of Oak Park, Illinois, a celebration is planned for January 17 on what would have been her 100th birthday.

There's nothing we can say about the enormous life and impact of the late Betty White that our friends at The A.V. Club haven't already eloquently laid out. She was, in their words, "the vivacious comic actress who had the longest television career in the history of the medium," and you won't find a culture-consumer alive who won't miss seeing her pop up in current programming. Farewell, Betty. We'll always have your Snickers commercial.

Betty White was born in Oak Park, Illinois, in 1922, and although she moved to California at a young age, the village wants to do something to honor her legacy. TMZ reports that on January 17, which would have been the actress' 100th birthday, Oak Park will celebrate "Betty White Day," a day of events and promotions to celebrate its golden girl—and the festivities will naturally involve hot dogs, because they were White's favorite food.

In 2012, White told People magazine that her favorite foods are hot dogs, fries, potato chips, and Red Vines, a list that we have no choice but to applaud. The key to her longevity, she explained at the time, isn't a strict diet but rather consistent activity; the fact that she was still working in Hollywood nearly 10 years after that interview all but proves her right.

Various Oak Park businesses will be marking Betty White Day with special offers. TMZ notes that Mickey's Gyros and Ribs will sell her favorite meal—a hot dog, fries, and a Diet Coke—as a combo special, and Turano Bakery will prepare "a giant birthday cake." A mural contest will also take place, and the winning entry will be displayed in the downtown business district.

Even if you don't live near Oak Park (note to Chicagoans: it's an easy train ride to get there!), now you know the appropriate way to honor Betty White on January 17: toast her with a soda, raise a hot dog to her memory, and most importantly, opt for Red Vines over Twizzlers.