7 Pink Foods You Need For Your Barbiecore Party

Artificial, cloyingly sweet, and bubblegum-colored, these foods are everything a Barbie Girl could want.

The combined smell of every item in the above photo was nothing short of nauseating. It was sugary and faux-fruity, suggestive of nothing that could be easily found in nature. But that's basically the point of Barbiecore, the trend that's sweeping runways and Instagram.

Barbiecore has largely existed as a fashion trend so far, and has trickled into interior design. The concept is pretty straightforward: Think like the beloved Mattel doll and ensconce yourself (or your home) in bright pink. The next, obvious evolution of Barbiecore may well be thoroughly pink food. So off to the grocery store we go.

To build the perfect Barbiecore pantry, I gave myself some parameters. First—like Barbie herself—I didn't want anything to be natural. That meant no salmon, no hams, no Pink Lady apples. I also didn't want the pink coloring to come from any natural sources, like dried, pulverized strawberries or beets. And lastly, pink packaging would not be enough. The food product itself has to be pink. Ideally by way of something like Red 40.

Of course, I had the most luck with sweets: cookies, candies, and so forth. I tried to throw in something savory by way of those rainbow Goldfish crackers, but what looked pink on the package was far more red in reality. (Turns out they're colored with beet and other vegetable extracts.) What I found were the following seven products, perfect for an Instagrammable Barbiecore snack spread that's just for looks—because a 1965 Slumber Party Barbie came with a tiny diet book with a single suggestion: "Don't eat!"

Dubble Bubble

Dubble Bubble is classic, like the doll herself—and Barbie would appreciate that it's older than she is (94 years old to her 63). We can picture Margot Robbie chomping down on a wad of bright pink bubble gum while portraying the eponymous role in the upcoming Barbie movie.



The pink lemonade Kool-Aid flavor is fluorescent in color, very 80s Edition Barbie. If you prefer your Barbiecore a little more punk rock, then this drink serves another useful purpose: You canuse the Kool-Aid powder to dye your hair pink!


Strawberry Pocky

I actually do love Pocky, but the strawberry flavor is probably its weakest variation. It's too cloyingly sweet, which makes it perfect for a Barbiecore buffet. This is probably the classiest component of our snack spread, providing something cute and ladylike to nibble on. Hungry? I'll just have one Pocky, thanks!



Pick up a pack of Starburst FaveREDs and you'll get the best of the pink and red flavors: strawberry, fruit punch, watermelon, and cherry. And—bonus!—Fruit by the Foot recently collaborated with Starburst, so you can have even more variations on bright pink gummy candy. Barbie loves a collab. Her latest? Balmain x Barbie. But if that's not your taste, you can always cleanse your palate with some Barbie Listerine. (Bubble Gum flavor, of course.)



Strawberry may be the superior Pop-Tart flavor, but it's not actually a very pink-hued variety. The cherry version boasts the irresistible pink icing, and it's a great option if you're more of an on-the-go working Barbie. Is there room for any toaster tarts in that briefcase, girl?


Hostess Sno Balls

We can't quite put our finger on it, but somehow this feels like more of a Skipper snack than a Barbie snack. It's just not sophisticated enough for Babs. But maybe she'd be willing to stress-eat a few Sno Balls after a long day of being a doctor (she comes with waiting room magazines!) and... owning a crocodile?


Pink Frosting

Nothing made this frosting less appealing than seeing the phrase "Creamy Supreme" on the packaging—that is, until you get a whiff of it. Remember those scented children's toys from back in the day? That's in the same olfactory wheelhouse as this frosting. But we're here for the looks, not the smell (or taste), so swipe some of this over a Betty Crocker x Barbie strawberry cake, shrug on your Balmain x Barbie windbreaker, and stare blankly into the middle distance, a vacant smile on your face.