Florida Shines In Yelp's 2023 'Best New Restaurants' List

A significant number of America's hottest restaurants are clustered in the Sunshine State.

Yelp has had its fair share of issues over the past few years—extortion schemes and fake reviews, to name a few—but one thing this service has always delivered is fun data on all our dining preferences. By mining its millions of reviews for insights, Yelp is able to spot trends and pinpoint the most beloved spots in the country based on consistently high reviews. This year, the company released its list of the Best New Restaurants of 2023, and one state dominated the rankings, outperforming both New York and Los Angeles (for once). Yes, it seems that the best of American dining can currently be found in Florida.


Yelp’s Best New Restaurants list, explained

To create its list of the Best New Restaurants of 2023, Yelp specifically looked at full-service (i.e. sit-down) restaurants that opened after January 1, 2022. Within that category, restaurants were sorted by the highest volume of reviews and the highest average rating—as well as passing health scores—and then the list was given a final unspecified zhuzhing by Yelp's in-house Trend Expert, Tara Lewis.


Some of these restaurants have a Michelin star, but not all, and the fare ranges from Spanish tapas to global fusion to multi-course tasting menus. Out of the top 25 restaurants, two are located in New York, two in Chicago, two in Atlanta, two in Las Vegas, and four are in various cities in California—but five of them are located in Florida.

Here's a list of Florida's shining stars:

  • Osteria (Miami): This restaurant serves Italian comfort food such as fig ravioli with gorgonzola, plus a tableside tiramisu. Yelpers give it high marks for exceptional service.
  • Lion & The Rambler (Coral Gables): Virtually everything on this New American menu is made from scratch, even the flour, to achieve the fullest flavor possible. The menu changes daily, but diners consistently enjoy it.
  • Eating House (Miami): This Italian American menu has some quirky dishes, such as Cap'n Crunch Pancakes, Popcorn Ice Cream, and a Dirt Cup that looks just like a potted plant.
  • Walrus Rodeo (Miami): Visitors describe this spot as both offbeat and memorable, with its range of unique offerings like carrot tartare and cabbage carbonara. One reviewer called it "One of the most remarkable restaurant experiences I've ever had."
  • The Katherine (Fort Lauderdale): A sustainability-focused tapas and wine bar, The Katherine features seasonal and cozy dishes like Duck Orecchiette, hot chicken, and a pistachio torte.
  • Well done, Sunshine State—you've outperformed the rest of the country with your bustling restaurant scene. And regardless of which state had the best restaurants in 2023, Yelp gives us reason to be optimistic about the dining scene as a whole: The website notes that new business openings saw a 15% higher monthly growth rate this year versus 2022.


    Oh, and shout out to Martha Stewart, whose Las Vegas restaurant The Bedford also made the list, clocking in at number 22. In 2023, it seems, The Bedford was just one of many good things.