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9 Recipes To Try Now That Egg Prices Are Finally Calming Down

Free at last from the grip of peak grocery inflation, eggs can now be the star of the show.

Egg prices have been way too high for way too long, to the point where people are growing desperate and raising their own backyard hens and smuggling eggs across the border. Luckily, it seems that those days are finally on their way out: CNN reports that the avian flu that devastated flocks last year seems to be under control, leading to a price drop. Let's celebrate with some cooking and baking!

No matter what you make with eggs, they're bound to impart richness however they're deployed. We've got several recipe ideas for using those eggs to the fullest, now that we can afford them in the least. Here are the best egg recipes in our archive.

Deviled Eggs

This dish might have a satanic name, but it's the party appetizer of the gods. We tried making deviled eggs nine different ways to find the best recipe. Though each variation had a unique spin on the classic, we're happy to report that none of them ditched the mayo. Read all about deviled eggs here, and see whose recipe won in the nine-way showdown.



We could tell you all about the virtues of Shakshuka—its daytime-t0-nighttime versatility, its bold flavors, its visually stunning presentation—but the biggest selling point is probably that it's a one-pan meal, since you poach the eggs right in the spicy vegetable stew on the stovetop. The prep mostly involves measuring and mincing, so as long as you have a bit of time to set aside for that, you're all but guaranteed a delicious dish no matter how much of a beginner you are. Get the recipe for Shakshuka here.


Ajitama marinated eggs

If you've never heard of ajitama by name, you have certainly seen them before—they're the crown jewel in a bowl of ramen, soft-boiled eggs marinated in a soy sauce mixture and sliced lengthwise to show off their deep orange yolks. Our recipe assures that the final product will have a nice bouncy (not rubbery) egg white, and a thick, custardy yolk that's rich without being runny. Add these to a bowl of homemade ramen or find a delicious alternative use, like eating them on their own. Get the recipe here.


Potato & Egg Sandwiches

This thrifty but delicious recipe for Potato & Egg Sandwiches is a love letter to Defonte's in Red Hook, Brooklyn, a sandwich shop that understands the beauty in letting some things stay simple. Layers of cooked potatoes and mozzarella are placed in a pan, covered with eggs, and baked until done. Then the mixture gets slopped onto some Italian bread for a cheap, easy, filling meal. What's not to love? Get the recipe here. 


Portuguese Egg Tarts

Sometimes home bakers are looking for a serious project—a recipe to while away a gloomy weekend, or a showstopper recipe to wow friends and family. When that's what you want, try making Portuguese Egg Tarts, aka pastel de nata. The recipe teaches the fundamentals of making both dough and custard, two life skills that have a range of delicious applications. And if you make any mistakes along the way, they're bound to taste good. Get the recipe here.


Breakfast Salad

Look, salad for breakfast is pretty damn good, and this Breakfast Salad recipe proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Though the concept of "hot lettuce" might sound less than appetizing, a plate of greens warmed with bacon fat, studded with garlic confit, and topped with a poached egg is an undeniable breakfast powerhouse. If you ever host a brunch, you need to make this. Get the recipe here.


Egg and Anchovy Appetizers

This recipe is technically a riff on Anchovy Canapés, and though it simplifies certain aspects, it's a retro, generation-spanning delight, especially at the holidays. You simply hard boil a few eggs, slice them into rounds (old-school slicer preferred!), place them on Ritz crackers, and finish off each cracker with a rolled filet of anchovy with capers, preferably Roland brand. The result is a surprisingly crowd-pleasing bite that balances sophistication and kitsch in a way that only enduring recipes can. Learn more about the recipe here.


The Best Creme Brulee

Award-winning pastry chef Dana Cree has all the information you need on how to make a proper creme brulee. The key to this feat, of course, is to start with a proper custard—and for that, you're going to need some eggs. The yolk is the workhorse of custard, a vital part of its transformation from liquid cream to velvety, blissful dessert. You only need five ingredients to create a lovely pot de creme, and a kitchen blowtorch will help push it over the finish line. Read all about creme brulee here.


Perfect Fried Rice

The ribbons of dry, overcooked egg that accompany most takeout versions of fried rice probably make it seem like eggs are an afterthought in this Chinese dish. However, in a recipe for perfect fried rice, the eggs are quite important: the rice itself starts by cooking with the egg base, and the two ingredients are folded into one another to create puffy pillows of egg in the finished product. It's time to give eggs their due in this flavorful dish. Get the recipe for perfect fried rice here.