6 Unique Burger Recipes For The Restless Griller

These recipes are about as far apart on the burger spectrum as they come.

There's nothing better than burgers at a cookout—but choosing to make burgers for dinner is really only the beginning of your decision-making process, isn't it? Because, as we all know, there are infinite ways of making a burger, all equally delicious but differing wildly in terms of ingredients, time commitment, and complexity. No matter what you're craving, there's a burger recipe to satisfy it. That's why The Takeout has compiled this list of six highly unique burger recipes, perfect for home cooks of any level to tackle.

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Chimi Burger

In New York City's Dominican community, a chimi is a seasoned beef burger stuffed into a soft bread called pan de agua, piled with tomatoes and an acidic cabbage slaw, and slathered with a mayo-based "chimi sauce." These Chimi Burgers pay homage to that magical combination of flavors and textures, piling slaw high atop a burger on a toasty bun to create a sloppy, unforgettable sandwich experience. Whether you make them on a grill or in a cast iron skillet, eat the finished product like nobody's watching. Get the recipe for Chimi Burgers here.


Blended Burger

This so-called Blended Burger has 1/3 less fat than a classic cheeseburger, but you'd never know the difference based on how big, beefy, and satisfying it is. It uses a combination of meat and chopped mushrooms within the burger patty to up those umami flavors and retain optimum juiciness. Not only can many folks not tell the difference between the Blended Burger and a regular burger, but some people actually prefer it to the typical all-beef patty. Why not try one for yourself and see what the fuss is about? Get the recipe for Blended Burgers here.


Homemade White Castle Sliders

White Castle is a divisive fast food joint, but one thing's for sure: those who like it, love it. And for those diehards, this recipe for Homemade White Castle Sliders is the perfect way to stoke feelings of the utmost burger-related nostalgia. You don't even have to spatter grease on your stove to make these little homages to fast food excellence: simply press the meat into a sheet pan, bake, slice, and add to Hawaiian rolls with the most faithful assemblage of toppings. Admit it—you're intrigued. Get the recipe for Homemade White Castle Sliders here.


The Pueblo Slopper

The great thing about the Pueblo Slopper is that it reminds us of just how many eccentric regional burger styles exist across the country for us to discover. After Ken Wheaton wrote about the Slopper's virtues for The Takeout back in February 2020, we knew we had to try it. Problem was, we don't live in Pueblo, Colorado, where the dish gained its fame. So we made our own version of what Wheaton describes as "a cheeseburger placed into a bowl and completely covered with green chili, more cheese, then raw white onions." It looks disgusting, sounds ridiculous, tastes delicious, and now you can experience it at home for yourself. Get the recipe for the Pueblo Slopper here.


Apple Butter Cheddar Burgers

This recipe for Apple Butter Cheddar Burgers is like a nesting doll of unexpected flavors: beef and cheddar are accounted for, but then there's horseradish, and sweet onion, and bacon, and apple butter, tied together with the crisp crunch of field greens. You'll likely encounter plenty of skepticism from your dinner guests about the apple butter, but we promise you, the salty-sweet-tangy combo is not to be missed. Get the recipe for Apple Butter Cheddar Burgers here.


Watermelon Burgers

We couldn't resist ending this list on a surprise note. Or have you already heard us rave about the Watermelon Burger 1,000 times already? All we can say is, this thing is worth the hype. Just like beef burgers, grilled watermelon is delicious on its own but becomes even more exciting when you play around with toppings. If you like your burgers with cheese, then tangy, salty varieties like feta and chevre make brilliant counterpoints to the watermelon's caramelized sugars and savory flecks of char. This recipe also includes a simple gremolata made out of fennel fronds, which tastes great not only on this "burger" but also spooned onto grilled chicken or as the base of a cold shrimp salad. Get the recipe for Watermelon Burgers here.