Golden, Delicious: 6 Cozy Apple Recipes Perfect For Fall

For all the autumn enthusiasts out there who can't wait to start adding cinnamon to everything.

It might not feel like fall out there yet, but we know that with the end of summer comes a glorious month of apple picking—and you'll want ideas for how to use up those bushels of fresh fruit. The five recipes that follow are relatively simple and maximally crowd-pleasing so as to guarantee that not a single apple goes to waste. What do you like to make with your own apples? Let us know in the comments.

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Easy Apple Butter

If you've got a ton of apples to work through, this recipe for Easy Apple Butter will knock out at least eight of them—even more if you scale up your batch. While most people think of apple butter as sweet and dessert-like, the homemade stuff can be made as sweet, buttery, or savory as you desire; you can play around with add-ins like herbs, maple syrup, or even peanut butter in order to achieve the flavor balance that's right for you. Get the recipe for Easy Apple Butter here.


Swedish Apple Pie

The picturesque apple pies you see at bakeries and in magazines each autumn season usually feature a perfect flaky pie crust, which is tough to replicate at home. Even if you're a pie expert, you might not have the time to put so much effort into a casual fall dessert. Swedish Apple Pie ditches the pie dough and instead involves pouring a sugar-cookie-esque batter over the apples to form a crust while baking. Technically it's more like a buckle or a crumble, but it's got everything we love about apple pie, and it hits the table much faster than the classic version. Get the recipe for Swedish Apple Pie here.


Baked Stuffed Apples

How about a recipe for the folks with less of a sweet tooth? These savory stuffed apples contain Italian hot sausage, rice, and cheese, and while they're practically a meal in themselves, you can also serve them as a side dish to something like roast chicken. This recipe is a nice reminder of how versatile apples can be, and they look great on a holiday buffet spread, too. Get the recipe for Baked Stuffed Apples here.


Fresh Fruit Crumble

Scoop up 6 cups' worth of your apple-picking haul and throw it in this delightful recipe for Fresh Fruit Crumble, courtesy of The Chopping Block in Chicago. It's a bit of a choose-your-own-adventure recipe: which fruit do you want to feature most prominently (apples, pears, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, apricots, etc.)? Do you prefer adding in oats or nuts for texture (or both)? What's your ideal topping-to-fruit-filling ratio? Study the ingredients, then take the reins and make the crumble of your dreams. Get the recipe for Fresh Fruit Crumble here.


Apple Cake With Chocolate Chunks

You'll want this to become your go-to recipe during apple season. An Apple Cake With Chocolate Chunks works as breakfast, dessert, or a snack that pairs great with coffee or tea. You're likely to have all the ingredients sitting in your cabinets already, and best of all, the large chunks of dark chocolate create surprising pockets of bitter creaminess that offset and balance the sweetness of the apple. Get the recipe for Apple Cake With Chocolate Chunks here.


Apple Sweety Drop Mostarda

This recipe for Apple Sweety Drop Mostarda is a perfect demonstration of how much range a bushel of apples can have. Once you've baked your way through the sweet stuff, try going hot with this jarred condiment. It features many of the familiar fall flavors—apples, butter, brown sugar—but mixes them up with the tart tang of mustard, cherries, and vinegar, as well as a host of other unexpected flavors and textures. The result is a spread that works great with grilled and roasted meats, and one beautiful enough to stick a bow on and gift to friends. Get the recipe for Apple Sweety Drop Mostarda here.