Spike Your Summer With Aldi's 5 Best Canned Boozy Drinks

The cheapskate's paradise has a variety of beverages that aren’t stupid expensive.

If you have an Aldi store near you (and odds are you do, since there are currently 2,000 stores across 36 states), then you're mere moments away from some of the most fabulous fizzy drinks of your summer. The no-frills German-owned discount chain has brought booze front and center this season.

All you need to do to launch this mission is to check that your local store has a liquor department. If it does, you're in luck—just remember to bring along a quarter for the shopping cart hostage situation and plenty of your own sturdy bags.

If you're feeling extra fancy, you can even use the Aldi canned drinks as a base for mixing some swanky cocktails. Aldi worked with a New York City sommelier (yep, you read that right) named Sarah Tracey to create posh-looking recipes you'd never suspect started their lives in a humble can. Just keep in mind that at Aldi, items are limited and may not be available in all stores, and that prices and labels may vary by location. And of course it's totally up to you whether you want to add a sassy metal straw or go full-tilt on your refreshments. Here are five Aldi beverages worth checking out this summer.

Vista Bay Hard Seltzer Lemonade

Vista Bay Hard Seltzer Lemonade is new this season. Aldi wants you to know that it pairs well with salad, fried fish, goat cheese, brie, and cured meats. We want you to know that it also pairs nicely with handfuls of chips right out of the bag, ice cream sandwiches, and even popsicles. You can pick up a 12-can variety pack for $11.99.


Espritza Rosé 

Espritza Rosé is the right choice for brunch, happy hour, or any other day-drinking occasion where you want to feel respectably boozy. Do you detect the notes of strawberry, raspberry, and red currant? Can you say "espritza" three times really fast after you've lifted a few cans? None of that matters. What does matter is that a four-pack costs just $4.99.


Wicked Grove Pearsecco

Wicked Grove Pearsecco is not just a silly way to goof around on the word "prosecco." It's a bubbly dry cider that's described by Aldi as "a little tart and wicked good." Chilled cans will pair well with anything you could describe as "backyard grilling food," like poultry, pork, soft cheeses and grilled veggies. Check out this recipe from Tracey for a truly refreshing Pear Berry Smash, and pick up a six-pack for $6.99.


State of Brewing Cherry Kolsch

State of Brewing Cherry Kolsch is a top choice if you're looking for a beer that even beer haters will enjoy, especially when it's just $7.99. This is the perfect post-lawn-mowing beer, because it's refreshing, malty, and sweet enough to encourage maximum relaxation. If you're serving something fruity like cherry or apple pie, this canned Kolsch makes an unusual but delicious dessert pairing.


Bacher Grapefruit Radler

Bacher Grapefruit Radler, just like any good shandy, is the ideal drink for those times when you can't decide between something malty and something citrusy. When you're serving something light like salad, grilled shrimp, or fresh fruit, pair it with this equally light and sunshine-compatible beverage for just $5.99.