Indiana Man Camping On The Roof Of His Restaurant Until Bengals Win Again

Professional sports are, for most of us, inconsequential. Unless you work for the league or bet money on the games, there are no actual repercussions to what's happening on the field. Last night, for example, I watched the truly miserable Steelers-Browns game, and its only effect on my life is my lasting inability to scrub the image of Diontae Johnson's bleeding ear from my mind. Whatever the outcome of the game, our lives march on.

It's why die-hard sports fans have to up the ante, pooling money in fantasy leagues or betting their friends they'll live on top of a restaurant until the Bengals win a game. Wait, what? Yes, an Indiana man named Jeff Lanham, a Bengals fan and the owner of a restaurant called Hog Rock Café, has been living in a tent on the roof of said restaurant after he vowed to stay there until the Bengals win a game. He's been up there for a month and counting.

Local 12 held an interview with Lanham—under the incredible chyron "Man to stay on roof"—who is staying in a large tent on the roof of the Hog Rock Café. He's been there since the Bengals lost to the Arizona Cardinals in week 5 of the NFL season.

"I've always said I've never prayed to win a game just because I know there's far more important things to pray for. But, you know, the last couple weeks, I'm praying, you know, like, 'Please let us win so Jeff can come down,'" Jeff's wife, Chrissy Lanham, told News 12.

If you're going to promise to camp somewhere until your godawful team wins, you may as well make it a place with booze, food, and indoor plumbing. So while Lanham could have done a lot worse, we hope for his family's sake the Bengals put one in the win column before the holidays.