Ben Affleck's Decades-Long Love Affair With Dunkin', Explained

These crazy kids have had a roller-coaster relationship for 25 years and counting.

Ben Affleck is one half of the greatest love story of our time. It's one that spans decades and certainly has had its ups and downs, but ultimately proves that some things are meant to last forever. I'm talking, of course, about Affleck's undying devotion to Dunkin'.

This week Affleck was once again spotted enjoying his beloved Dunkin', this time with his wife, Jennifer Lopez, who definitely gives off more Starbucks vibes (if she even drinks coffee at all, which it sounds like she doesn't). In photos captured by Page Six of the couple's Dunkies run, J-Lo seems a little out of place, but has no problem showing some PDA as Affleck clutches to his large Dunkin' iced coffee. Affleck is at peace, holding onto all the things he holds most dear at once.

How did we get here? Let's take a look back at Ben Affleck's long affair with Dunkin'.

A timeline of Ben Affleck’s obsession with Dunkin’

1997: Ben Affleck's Oscar-winning breakout film is also his breakout role as a Dunkin' devotee. On screen in Good Will Hunting, Affleck's character (Chuckie Sullivan) brings Matt Damon's character (Will Hunting) a small Dunkin' coffee while picking him up on the way to work, proof that these guys are Boston through and through.


1999: A betrayal. As Affleck's star rises, his eyes begin to wander, looking for the hot and trendiest new thing. A Vanity Fair feature titled "Let's Try It Ben's Way" shows Affleck and Damon drinking Starbucks. Don't give into the insane pressures of Hollywood, guys—it's okay to stay loyal to the hometown coffee chain!

2003: It's hard to tell if the coffee cup Affleck is holding in this paparazzi shot with James Gandolfini has Dunkin' inside it, but it's at least more proof of Affleck's love for a cup of joe. And the all-caps caption is priceless: "COFFEE CARRYING CELEBS IN HOLLYWOOD PROVE THERE ISN'T A MORE POPULAR DRINK IN TINSELTOWN."

2010: It is announced in the Boston Herald that Dunkin' will team up with the Boston Red Sox to offer Sox-themed Coolattas at its New England shops, and the chain's been collaborating with the baseball team ever since. It's well known that Affleck is a die-hard Red Sox fan, so we can only imagine he spent 2010 slurping down a few of these specialty drinks and then some.


2016: Proving that a love for Dunkin' runs in the family, Ben's brother Casey Affleck stars in a parody of a Dunkin' commercial while hosting Saturday Night Live. It is our belief that this character is almost definitely based on Ben.

2017: Affleck suddenly discovers iced coffee, and as documented by The Cut piece "47 Times Ben Affleck Got Iced Coffee in 2017" he is rarely spotted without it. Yes, there are a few Starbucks and Teavana cups in the mix, but it's when Ben is seen holding a large Dunkin' cup that he seems to be truly at peace.

2019: Finally, Affleck comes right out and says it: "I have Dunkin Donuts everyday," he tells Collider in an interview. "I feel like I'm spreading the word." Finally, he realizes his power, his influence. He can change things. He can make Dunkin' the hot new Hollywood drink. He can be turned into many, many memes.

2020: Ben Affleck is now the number one Dunkin' influencer in the country. In the midst of the pandemic, Affleck is spotted by paparazzi getting Dunkin' regularly delivered to his house. He's out walking his dog with girlfriend Ana De Armas, large iced coffee in tow (though Ana, like J-Lo after her, doesn't seem to be actually indulging in any herself). These photos serve as inspiration to many.


2021: In a photo that goes instantly viral, Affleck proves his devotion to Dunkin' as he drags a mountain of packages into his house with a large Dunkin' iced coffee balanced precariously on top of the pile. Even as he struggles to open the door, he never once takes his lips off the straw, maintaining equilibrium and sipping it all the way. It's as if Dunkin' is giving him the strength to bring his giant haul inside without dropping a thing.

2022: Just one month after their impromptu Vegas wedding, Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are spotted at Dunkin' together. Vanity Fair publishes an article titled "Does Jennifer Lopez Run on Dunkin' Now?" We believe in love again.