Someone Posed As Ben Affleck And Sent A-Rod A Pizza

A-Rod received a chicken pizza delivery from someone using a confusing alias.

Pranking a friend? Fun, very fun. Pranking a former baseball star worth $400 million? Now, that's bold. TMZ reports that an anonymous prankster did just that, trolling Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez with a pizza delivery courtesy of one "Ben Afflec." (No 'K.' Just "Afflec.")

Per TMZ, A-Rod was hanging out in the Hamptons, "grieving the end of his engagement to ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez," when an anonymous individual sent him $141.32 worth of chicken-topped pizza from pizza joint Bulls Bears & Squares.

"Bulls Bears & Squares tells us the 'Ben' who ordered gave his name as 'Ben Afflec,'" TMZ writes, noting that the actual Ben Affleck is now dating Lopez. In an earlier article, TMZ wrote: "It's clear that the breakup with J Lo was rough on [A-Rod], especially after finding out she and Ben Affleck had been texting up a storm as early as February, a couple months before they broke off their engagement."

TMZ also notes that the pizza troll did their homework; they had the pizzas sent directly to A-Rod's rented Hamptons mansion. "It's clear some prankster got a kick out of sending the pizzas to A-Rod's 9,200-sq.-ft. summer pad in the Hamptons—and possibly making him think Ben and J Lo were messing with him," writes TMZ.

While the pizza troll did not include a note with the delivery, the fact that they spent more than 100 bucks on a prank suggests that they've got to be a person of means. Also, someone who can't spell "Affleck." Could the culprit be bored, wealthy teenagers? Disgruntled baseball fans? Affleck's ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, whose excessive Neutrogena consumption might have addled her grasp on basic phonics? Either way, while the prank may have been mean-spirited, A-Rod got a bunch of free pizza out of it. Nothing wrong with that.