Behold: A Porcelain Sink, Repaired With Ramen

This week, an Instagram account for an interior design firm posted a video to their account, which they in turn credit to another account, set to private. I could attempt to explain, but this is better seen with your own eyes.

If you can't or won't watch the video, I'll summarize: A person approaches a sink with a large piece of its porcelain bowl missing, obviously broken. They then stuff it with instant ramen, sprinkle the seasoning on top, carefully add water, shape and smooth it repeatedly, and then spray paint it white. Et voila: repaired sink.

The mind boggles. First, who came up with this? Second, how did they perfect the technique? Lots of broken sinks around? Third, won't it just turn back into pasta when it gets wet? And last, and most importantly: What the fuck?

The great Chrissy Teigen puts her finger right on it, as she so often does:

Now back to your regularly scheduled Asian Noodles Week here at The Takeout.