Before Jet Skiing From Chicago To New Orleans, Kurt Braunohler Ate Bugs With Us

Yesterday, Kurt Braunohler completed the roughly 925-mile trek from Chicago to New Orleans—and he did it all by jet ski. He's trying to raise $50,000 to send 500 goats and 1,000 chickens to African families in need—an Indiegogo fundraising effort that Braunohler describes as "the dumbest way to make the world a better place." (The trip was also filmed for use in the upcoming Comedy Central webseries Roustabout.) Prior to setting off on his personal watercraft of fools, Braunohler stopped by the A.V. Club offices for what's possibly the third-dumbest way he could make the world a better place. After riding a jet ski from Chicago to New Orleans and gifting a billboard featuring leaping cats to the small town of Kaskaskia, Illinois, sharing some edible insects from Thailand Unique with associate editor Erik Adams and digital manager (not digital editor) David Anthony is the least Braunohler could do. Of course, he didn't reach for the sagu worms, so I ask you: Who's the true hero here? (It's Kurt—obviously it's Kurt. I mean, have you seen his tuxedo wetsuit?)