Barbara Bush's Favorite Pizza-Makers Were Invited To Her Funeral

Who has irrevocably impacted your life? Parents, teachers, a professional mentor perhaps, and definitely the owners behind your favorite takeout joint. In the case of the late first lady Barbara Bush, so important were the owners of her favorite pizzeria, Fuzzy's Pizza, that they were invited to her private funeral.

KHOU-Houston reports the husband and wife who own Fuzzy's have been friends of the Bush's for years, receiving personal Christmas cards from the family and invitations to birthday parties. But they weren't sure they'd be one of the 1,500 guests invited to her private funeral. Last week, though, they received an invitation to pay their final respects.

Barbara and George H.W. reportedly not only liked Fuzzy's pies, but the story of "Fuzzy" Hajja and his wife, Rita, who immigrated to the U.S. from Syria in the mid-1980s. Fuzzy's website tells the story of how Fuzzy worked his way up from a busboy to waiter to eventually owning his own business, a real, marinara-slathered version of the American dream.

"Tomorrow Fuzzy and I have the honor to attend our dear friend First Lady Barbara Bush funeral. What an honor what a gift she has given us to be a part of this. Sad, yes is for sure our emotion but so many good memories," the pizza shop posted on Facebook on Friday.

In tribute to the departed first lady, Fuzzy's Pizza will continue serving Barbara Bush's namesake pie that features her favorite toppings: chicken, spinach, mushrooms, artichokes, garlic, red sauce, and mozzarella. If that's not a legacy, I don't know what is.