Bank Apologizes After Customer Told "All Vegans Should Be Punched In The Face"

Although the climate-friendly diet of veganism is becoming more popular, followers still can find themselves on the receiving end of considerable scorn. For example, The Guardian reports that a British woman recently phoned NatWest bank, looking for a £400 loan so that she could get a nutrition diploma. Somehow this request spurred a tirade from the bank worker, who told the caller that "all vegans should be punched in the face" after the caller mentioned she was vegan. The unnamed woman told BBC Radio Bristol that the bank worker said that "vegans were forcing their beliefs on him."

The woman naturally protested, stating, "Being vegan is a lifestyle choice. I shouldn't be penalized for it, especially by a big organization. It's extremely unfair." NatWest publicly apologized, and announced that the employee had received disciplinary action. But the woman came out ahead a bit ahead in the end: After listening to the tape of the phone call, The Guardian agreed to pay her £200, or half of the £400 loan she initially requested. And she doesn't have to pay it back.