Feel Like Punching A Wall This Week? Try Baking Instead.

If you, like me, are a spectacular failure in your attempts to meditate, then why not try baking? Unlike meditation—where you're supposed to relax and clear your mind, but then you end up thinking so hard about clearing your mind to the point you're overthinking, giving yourself a panic attack and feeling like a failure of a human being because you can't do something as simple as freaking meditating Jesus Christ what is wrong with you—baking is a repetitive, highly focused activity that helps you block out the rest of the world. And, once it's over, you have cookies, so that's nice.

As Fast Company reports, there are multiple studies that make a strong case for baking therapy, or any "maker activity" that involves some sort of repetitive, tactile component, such as sewing, gardening, metal working, building teeny tiny ships in itty bitty bottles, and cooking. Outside of the fact that such activities can put a person into hyperfocus, they also create a great sense of accomplishment once completed, even if the results aren't entirely successful. And, as an added bonus, baking projects often create plenty of things that can be shared with friends, co-workers, and neighbors, which invites human interaction. It helps build and strengthen relationships, and honestly, being generous just feels damn good.

Maybe you should take a crack at my brown butter cinnamon roll recipe this weekend as a sort of self care. After all, it's been a week, hasn't it? You could stand to slap some dough around to get all your rage out.