Bakery Honors Ludacris' Arrival With Thong-Frosted Ass Doughnuts

The North Carolina Azalea Festival sounds absolutely lovely. There's a juried art show, a children's tea, music, food, and of course, gorgeous blooms everywhere. This year's festivities include a performance by rapper and actor Ludacris, which sounds like a pretty good time. One Wilmington bakery clearly agrees. They've chosen to celebrate the impending arrival of the Fate of the Furious alumnus in perhaps the purest way possible: they made ass doughnuts. Feel free to make filthy jokes at your leisure.

As reported by WWAY 3, the aptly-named Wake N Bake Donuts found inspiration in the music of one Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, flipping what appear to be heart-shaped doughnuts upside-down before squeezing little frosting thongs onto the cheek divot. Because booty references aren't exclusive to Cris's music, they opted to make the reference more, ah, explicit by also adding area-code lower back tattoos in reference to this 2001 single. The hiney doughnuts were presumably easier to make than a pastry rendition of "condoms in a big-ass-sack," so thank heaven for small mercies.

The tasty tushes weren't Wake N Bake's first foray into the themed doughnuts arena, and they won't be the last. They recently opted to commemorate Sexual Assault Awareness Month with these well-intentioned if questionable treats, and earlier this month they made Stuffed Cadbury Donuts—which, yum.

Butt doughnuts. Happy Wednesday.