Baker Receives Probation For Sending THC-Laced Cookies To Baby Shower

Look, we all make mistakes at work. None of us are robots. Lord knows you guys will never let me hear the end of it if I have a typo in a recipe or get a TV episode wrong, and rightly so. A Philadelphia baker, though, just received probation for something that even I can spot as a pretty big screwup.

According to Pottstown, Pennsylvania's The Mercury, Jamie Troxel, 33, owner of Troxy's Treats in South Philadelphia, delivered cookies to a country club baby shower in 2016. Problem was, she (accidentally) delivered cookies that had been made using THC-laced butter. Baby shower attendees reported effects like feeling the room spinning, or not being able to feel their arms. When afflicted guests went to the hospital, large amounts of THC were found in their bloodstreams. The host then called Troxel to ask her about the cookies, at which point she "denied putting THC or marijuana in them but apologized, detectives alleged." She later apparently admitted that she makes THC cookies for her personal use "to self-medicate her anxiety issues," and inadvertently used that dough for the shower cookies.

Troxel's sentence after pleading "no contest"—one year probation, 36 hours of community service, and a fine of $2,947 to cover the medical expenses of three of the victims—seems pretty light. Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Evan Correia pointed out that many of the attendees were medical employees, and could have lost their jobs if they had been drug-tested. Also, the cookies were handed out at the end of the shower, just as attendees were about to get into their cars. Thankfully, no one was injured, and all hospitalized victims eventually recovered.