Bacon Bitch Sues Breakfast Bitch

Bacon Bitch knows it's on to something. We hadn't heard of the Miami Beach breakfast and lunch restaurant, and we are indebted to the South Florida Sun Sentinel for bringing it to our attention. The restaurant—presumably friends with Eggslut, Lasagna Whore, and Ham Sandwich Asshole—has created a whole identity around the word bitch. Servers greet customers with "What's up, bitch?" and the menu is divided into Main Bitch, Side Bitch, and Extra Bitch sections. Eager to protect their uh, identity, the restaurant now even offers franchise opportunities.

The owners were distressed to learn that their bitchin' concept is so appealing that another restaurant, Breakfast Bitch, opened this past weekend in San Diego with an all-too-familiar schtick. It also divides its menu into the Main Bitch, Side Bitch, Extra Bitch categories, but calls its drinks section Thirsty Bitch instead of Bacon Bitch's Drunk Bitch. Servers at the San Diego restaurant also greet customers with a similar "What up, bitch?" refrain.

Per court filings reviewed by the Sun Sentinel, Bacon Bitch's lawyer argues owners of the San Diego probably ate at Bacon Bitch to scout ideas. An early version of the Breakfast Bitch website, filings claim, even mentioned it was "inspired by one of the hippest spots in Miami." Bacon Bitch claims its reputation will be harmed by the consumer confusion over whether the two eateries are affiliated.

What's gone unsaid so far is: How do we feel about the word "bitch" being used in this context? The owners of both restaurants claim it's an empowering and fun word; Bacon Bitch's franchise offering video shows smiling servers wearing "Boss Bitch" shirts.

"Miami loves the bacon and the bitches," CEO Chris Viso says in the video.

It's now up to Miami's U.S. District Court to decide whether San Diego can also love the bacon, breakfast, and bitches.

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