"Baby Yoda Pancake Cereal" Is A Phrase Only 2020 Could Deliver

We've spent much of our months indoors ogling designer cereal. What else is there to do? The confluence of TikTok, quarantine, boredom, and pantry staples was bound to lead us here. It started with pancake cereal, but quickly spiraled outward into a lawless universe of tiny-foodstuff-filled bowls. And now, at its zenith, the tiny cereal trend has come for Baby Yoda. The Child has been pancaked.

Melly Eats World, we salute you. According to the photo caption, these little buddies are made with matcha, dragon fruit, active charcoal, and cocoa powder, though food coloring would also work, if you're actually determined to make these at home instead of just gaping at the beauty right in front of you. (For a bit of help with the homemade Yodas, head here. For further ogling, we recommend M.E.W.'s incredible Tom Nook cookies.)

This is merely the most beautiful of the recent tiny cereals that have continued to spring up, by the way. We'd be remiss if we didn't also mention these two contenders for most adorable non-character-specific cereals: croissants and cinnamon rolls. And what more is there to say besides "lookee!"? Is there an obvious category of tiny cereal that the world is missing out on? If you have brainstorms for the Next Big Thing in Tiny Things in Bowls, let us know.