Awesome Wisconsin Sixth-Grader Studied Beer For Her Science Fair Project

I've long maintained that I would have paid way closer attention in chemistry and biology classes if someone had just told high-school me that these were the key subjects for brewing beer. Schofield, Wisconsin sixth-grader Lyn Sepersky figured that fact out on her own, and turned her interest in brewing into a science fair project. You go, Lyn Sepersky.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports Sepersky's interest in brewing stems from attending brewery tours—with her parents—and that while other students researched milk or brain function, she interviewed a brewer from Milwaukee's MobCraft brewery and presented an in-class demonstration about hops and barley. (This girl, it hardly bears saying, is peak Wisconsin.)

"I learned that brewing was mostly about biology and not chemistry," Sepersky told the Journal-Sentinel. "Mind blown."

If I'm Sepersky's teacher, this girl gets an A for sure, if for no other reason than she'd break up the monotony of baking-soda volcanos and foam solar system models. It seems the school had no problem with her classroom demonstration, which did not actually involve bringing beer to school. If she could just pair up with a kid interested in the biology of bratwurst, the two could take the seventh-grade science fair by storm next year.