Millennials Rejoice: Avocado Toast Now Available In Chocolate Bar Form

It's been at least five or six seconds since we've heard about the latest in avocado toast, so looks like it's time for an update. And if you're a fan of 2016's trendiest snack, you may have pondered to yourself, "What if avocado toast... but as a chocolate bar?"

Fulfilling your deepest avocado desires, fancy California-based chocolate company Compartés has announced its new "California Avocado" chocolate bar, billing it as "an avocado enthusiast's dream." The bar blends white chocolate with avocados and "crunchy bits of caramelized toast" to create the avocado toast doppelgÀnger effect. Yep, they put toast in a candy bar. Just what will they think of next?

Hungry millennials must act quickly though, as the bar is only around for a limited time. Luckily for us all, the California Avocado bar is a mere $10 for all those people who prefer to spend their future mortgage payments on snacks.