Vancouver Developer Tempting Youths To Buy Condos With Bounty Of Avocado Toast

Like the witch in the woods, luring small children to her kid-sized oven with the delights of a gingerbread house, a developer in Vancouver, British Columbia hopes to tempt millennials into the purchase of a $400,000 condo with the promise of a year's worth of avocado toast.

This story from The Star Vancouver details the efforts of Woodbridge Homes to fill the 116 condos of the Kira project, a collection of one-, two-, and three- bedroom apartments beginning at $399,900. Besides the allure of the toast, the company is also reducing the down payment to 10% (customarily, it's 15 or 20%). The Star notes that Woodbridge isn't alone in such an effort. The housing market has "imploded," and troubles in the real estate market were cited when the Bank Of Canada revised its growth forecast for the Canadian economy in 2019 from 1.7 percent to 1.2 percent.

We're not writing about these condos for any of those reasons, though, for none of them are edible. Avocado toast, however, is. Now, to be totally clear, no one is going to show up at the door of your new fancy condo daily with a freshly prepared piece of avocado toast. Instead (per Narcity) you get a gift card pre-loaded with the funds for roughly 52 orders of avocado toast, or one per weekend for your first year. So the offer should really be "buy a condo, get a free gift card," but that's not catchy, is it?

If you're looking to relocate to Vancouver, our brief sleuthing tells us you can expect to pay around $7 for an order of avocado toast, so odds are that gift card will clock in around $364. So instead of the condo costing you $399,900, it'll be $399,536, if you count the gift card. You'll also have to buy in the first weekend of sales—and that's this upcoming weekend.

We'd like to congratulate the Woodbridge Homes team for being aware of the stuff that gets talked about on Twitter. If you buy one of these condos, congrats! We hope you are very happy there, and they look lovely. Just please, please don't buy a condo just for an avocado-toast gift card?