America Forced To Consider French Onion Dip As Super Bowl Guac Shortage Looms

Americans eat so much freakin' guacamole on the Super Bowl that we drove Reuters to use this headline:

A fuel shortage in Mexico is, indeed, threatening the avocadobility of every potluck and spread in these United States, as the Mexican government's crackdown on fuel theft coincides with the three busiest weeks of the year for avocado exporters. Reuters notes that Michoacan, the state which is Mexico's primary avocado grower, has been particularly affected by the shortage. Producers had expected to ship 120,000 metric tons of avocados this year (with 27,000 tons en route already) but that seems unlikely to happen:

"Our three most important weeks of the year are this one and the next two. This is when we ship for Super Bowl week," said Ramon Paz, spokesman for APEAM, a business association representing Mexican avocado producers and exporters.

"We have from now to January 24, 25 to ship all that volume. If we don't ship it (by then), we can't do so later," Paz said.

Reuters notes that the shortage has "begun to hamper transportation in Mexico for workers and harvested avocados," but also states that it has yet to directly affect U.S.-bound exports.

The Super Bowl will be played on February 3 in Atlanta, Georgia. The nation turns its lonely eyes to the dairy section, where it finds plenty of French onion dip. Hummus is also good.