Sound The Gjallarhorn: Australia Has A Viking-Themed Restaurant

Sure, Medieval Times is a hoot. The Renaissance Faire, a load of laughs. But leave it to Australia (native land of Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth) to create a Viking-themed restaurant named after Thor's hammer: Mjølner. CNN's travel section reports that so far the restaurant has branches in Sydney and Melbourne. Can world domination be far behind, even thousands of miles away from Norway?

After all, who wouldn't want to eat loaves of bread stuffed with succulently shredded meat? Drink whiskey out of horns? Admire the majestic animal pelts on the walls? (Probably not the vegetarians among us, but we're assuming everyone else is on board.) Use exquisitely handmade knives? (Okay, the fact that there are utensils at the Viking restaurant is a bit of a downer.)

Of course, the restaurant also features hip-hop music and leather booths with walls of exposed brick. Still, if we ever make to the land Down Under, our tourist plans would read as follows: Later, opera house. Maybe tomorrow, coral reef. Give it to me, viking horn whiskey shot.