Catholic School Says Students Can Sit Under Nice Tree Once They Learn Some Damn Respect

If you can't take care of your nice things, you don't get nice things. This is a lesson 180 Australian teenager recently learned when their Catholic school temporarily banned them from eating lunch underneath their favorite shady tree for being a big ol' bunch of litterbugs.

Students at St. Rita's College in Brisbane, Australia, were furious when they arrived at their beloved tree on Tuesday, only to find the area cordoned off with tape. According to Daily Mail Australia, the school decided to bar students from getting too close to the tree until they can learn how to eat lunch without flinging their trash everywhere.

'The girls have left their rubbish there despite being told to pick it up, and that's just not acceptable," said school principal Dale Morrow. 'This is the consequence of them not being able to pick up after themselves, it's about teaching the girls to take pride in their school, community and each other.'

School administrators noted that the students' incessant littering was more than just an eyesore; the trash was also attracting ants, which is something that tends to happen to food left outside. It remains unknown why the school does not seem to care about the ants' happiness, and as of today, there has been no statement from the tree about its thoughts on the matter.

The picnic area remained taped-off until Thursday, giving the students two whole days to learn a valuable lesson about putting their trash in the bin and the perils of disrespecting trees. Whether or not the ants will organize to exact revenge on school administrators remains to be seen.