Austin Pop-Up Resurrects Lost Taco Bell Favorites

This has been a year of losses for most of us. It's been hard. And in the middle of all of that, Taco Bell had the absolute, unmitigated gall to cut from its menu Quesaritos, Loaded Grillers, Triple Layer Nacho, Beefy Frito Burrito, Spicy Tostada, Nacho Supreme, everything with potatoes, and, most tragically, the 7-Layer Burrito and Mexican Pizza. Not even a petition signed by more than 150,000 Mexican Pizza-lovers could sway Taco Bell's cold, cold corporate heart. And why should it? Taco Bell is raking in the dough: sales were up 5% after all the cuts.

So what are we poor potato- and Mexican Pizza–loving schmucks to do? Suffer, I guess.

Except for those who live in or near Austin. Taco Fuego, a Taco Bell–inspired pop-up, will be debuting this very evening, December 9, at the Cavalier, a bar in East Austin, Eater Austin reports. The menu will feature double-layer tacos, multilayer burritos (perhaps seven layers?), cheesy fuego (read: fiesta) potatoes, and an item called Latin pizza, but which is understood to be Mexican. (And, honestly, it looks way more appetizing than the original.) There will also be mulled Dr. Pepper, because 'tis the season.

"So many friends were bummed to see their favorite late-night guilty pleasure snacks going away," explained Rachelle Fox, the Cavalier's co-owner. "We thought we could brighten their dreary 2020 with this silly delicious treat."

Alas, a quick glance at Taco Fuego's Instagram shows that the pop-up is already sold out for tonight. However, Fox says she and her partner, Chadwick Leger, plan to make the pop-up a monthly occurrence. So keep your eyes on that space. And if you don't live in Austin, maybe you can use all your hope and influence to bring a similar pop-up to your town.