Get Rekd By This High-Octane Homebrewing Video Game

To a relative n00b like myself, it seems like gaming is all about intensity. Smashing stuff! Stealing cars! Something called a death match! And what could be more PWN-worthy (?) than an afternoon full of rip-roaring, console-throwing, Leeroy Jenkins-ing... homebrewing? Enter a new beer brewing simulator game called Brewmaster, which is set to hit the market next year, Food & Wine reports.

You won't find any villains or bikini babes in this one. Brewmaster, which is being developed by Auroch Digital and will be published by Sold Out, allows you to be your own final boss, so to speak. Coming to PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo in 2022, Brewmaster allows players to set up their own home breweries, create recipes, and even enter virtual homebrew competitions. The Brewmaster website describes the game as "the ultimate celebration of craft beer," inviting players to "become the ultimate Brewmaster in the first ever realistic beer brewing experience." There's not actually any beer brewing or drinking experience required, although I'm sure you can crack a cold one while navigating the game.

While the game seems pretty niche, it's being marketed to a broader audience. "This is the kind of game even non beer drinkers will enjoy," Jemima Crow, marketing and community manager for Auroch Digital, wrote on the PlayStation Blog. "Beer brewing is a fascinating subject and there's so much that goes into making great beer. The real chemistry is quite nerdy but we really wanted to focus on making our game accessible to everyone, so while the simulation under the hood is complex, the way you interact with it is easily understandable, and as you play the game you'll gradually be taught the more detailed elements of brewing." Sounds like you can get all the fun of homebrewing without forcing your roommates to test your dubious "earthy" product. No rage quitting here.