Audible Edible: Swedish Designer's Future Food Includes Chocolate Records, Robotic Desserts

Think of it as molecular gastronomy on steroids: Swedish design student Erika Marthins' project combines food and technological innovations to produce far-out results like a robotic gelatin dessert and an audible record made of chocolate. The poetic creations are part of Marthins' Media & Interaction Design studies at Switzerland's ECAL school of art and design.

Co.Design reports that her project, Déguster l'augmenté, represents a desire "to explore the potential of integrating data and storytelling into food." She's partnered with chefs and researchers to merge edible objects with innovations including Rayform light-shaping technology. That collaboration, for example, yielded a clear lollipop that reveals hidden text when held to an external light source.

Text that accompanies Marthins' trippy video of her creations asks questions that, in a similar way, have been a part of the modernist food movement: "What if we could augment our food? Would it be possible to experience a new dimension of a meal?" Obviously Marthins' work is still in its conceptual phase, but sign us up now for reservations at her Jell-O robot restaurant in 2030.