Dump A Marg In Your Lap At This Atlanta Restaurant's Bird Box Dinner

People love Bird Box. According to ratings measurement company Nielsen, nearly 26 million people streamed the Sandra Bullock-starring post-apocalyptic horror film in its first seven days on Netflix. You already know this. You've seen the memes. As such, we can hardly blame Atlanta restaurant Guac y Margys for wanting to get in on some of that sweet sweet buzz. (And it worked, for here I sit, writing about Atlanta restaurant Guac y Margys, as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution did before me.)


We have a bone to pick with the folks behind Guac y Margys, however: Y'all couldn't come up with something a little more involved than tying pieces of cloth around people's eyes? That's not Bird Boxing. That's blindfolding.

That's what the dinner is, see: You eat tacos, drink margaritas, and do so blindfolded.

You've seen Bird Box. You may have even put a blindfold on to see how hard it is to walk around your house and yard (we don't recommend this). But have you eaten tacos and drank margaritas while blindfolded? No? Well now's your chance!

I also assume you do so while low-key covered in pico de gallo and lime juice, because there's no way you're not spilling all over yourself at this thing. Tickets for the dinner, which you can get here, includes two tacos, a dip, and a margarita; if you successfully guess what kind of tacos and margarita you're slopping all over your jeans, you get a cookie—or what they say is a cookie, anyway. How would you know? You're blindfolded.


The whole eating in the dark thing isn't exactly revolutionary, either, though in those cases it's ostensibly for purposes of pleasurable sensory deprivation, rather than novelty (though there's obviously some novelty involved there as well). That doesn't seem to be what Guac y Margys is going for, however—while I have no doubt that the citrus in a margarita might pop more when consumed in the dark, this seems to be less about the experience and more about hopping aboard a pop cultural bandwagon.

Nice try, Guac y Margys. Get back to us when you host a Miss Congeniality dinner where you eat tacos and margaritas while Michael Caine gives you a makeover and coaches you on your walk.

The dinner will take place on January 24. Bird Box is now streaming on Netflix. Tacos are good.