Artist Designs Red Carpet Costumes For Celebrities Out Of Leftovers

In the past few years, my favorite part of awards shows has become the red carpet fashion parade beforehand. This year, have been deprived of that wondrous spectacle, but at least we have Ruby Perman, another red carpet fan, who has been spending her quarantine designing and making tiny outfits for celebrities from leftovers in her fridge. She posts the finished creations on Instagram and making-of videos on TikTok. She has dressed Oprah in Cheerios, Miss Piggy in strawberries, Lady Gaga in zoodles, and Billie Eilish in a protein bar.


The project began simply enough in January with a self-portrait in a mango dress. The following week, Perman created her first celebrity design, Rachel Brosnahan, the star of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, in a dress made of lemons inspired by Brosnahan's gown at the Golden Globes. Two days later, she designed a mermaid gown for Gwen Stefani out of clementine peels. After that, it was clear that Perman had found her medium.

In an interview with Insider, Perman says she's always enjoyed watching celebrities. Sometimes she chooses her medium based on a celebrity's favorite food. Other times, the clothes dictate the food, as in the case of her recreation of JLo's green Versace Grammys gown out of rosemary.


"I hope I inspire creativity to come out for people and whatever their passion is," she told Insider. "This all came about as a hobby, and now it's turned into something that I really enjoy, and I'm so happy that people resonate with it."

And when she's done and immortalized her creations on social media, Perman said, she eats them. As you do.