Art-Loving Patron Rips Restaurant Painting Right Off The Wall

Many of us may admire artwork at the restaurant when we go out to eat. Few of us, however, would likely be so moved that we would pull said artwork right off of the wall, put it in a bag, and take it home. But that's just what a woman did in an Italian restaurant in Youngstown, Ohio. Roberto's was the victim of art theft, as security footage shows that a customer pulled the painting right off of the wall and walked off with it.

Security footage being what it is, it was fairly easy for the restaurant to track the woman down. Server Andrew Hallof told WKBN that the owners were sentimentally attached to the artowrk: "It was painted for them when they opened originally.'" Once the owners put the video up on Facebook, they found the thief and the painting was returned. The owners aren't even pressing charges; they're just happy the painting is back. "It was a big misunderstanding," according to Hallof.

The only other time we've even heard of a such a thing is in fictional form, which means we can possibly blame How I Met Your Mother's Ted Mosby for the inspiration. But even if you're trying to make a sweeping romantic gesture, it's best to leave the restaurant art on the wall where it belongs.