Argentinian Official Apologizes For Eating Jesus Cake With Red Velvet Stigmata

The Argentinian Culture Minister has issued a mea culpa after eating a piece of cake at an art exhibition in Buenos Aires. Newsweek reports that a camera captured the moment that Enrique Avogadro accepted and feasted on a piece of the cake's arm, and after the video appeared online, Christians flocked to Avogardo's Facebook page to voice their, shall we say, disapproving reactions.


Per Newsweek, the comments were along these lines:

"Avogadro you think you have the right to mock God and the Catholics??" wrote Edgardo Moreno. "God will ask you to account for this sacrilege, believe it or not, and the Catholics will also ask you, but it is the least because you already smell Sulfur."...

"Get out!" Belu M Castro wrote. "As A Catholic I am deeply offended: I demand that you apologize publicly. This is nefarious. It's blasphemy.

"You should go to jail for mocking Jesus Christ. If you do not believe you will know what you do or stop doing for the salvation of your soul but publicly you can not offend the religion that holds the state or against any but much less with the religion of most argentines. QUIT NOW!!!!!"


The cake, created by a pair of artists who work together under the name Pool & Marianela, was life-sized and made of red velvet, which accounts for the blood-red color.

In his apology, Avogadro expressed his sincere regrets, but also stated his supposed for freedom of expression, adding, "I also think that the place of art is often precisely that of making us uncomfortable and shaking us."